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Unexpected boost to Society fish stocks

The Society prides itself in trying to providing a range of types of fishing for its members rather than concentrating on just Mirror and Common Carp.

In more recent years, the descendants of the Crucian Carp stocked way back in 1989 have started to show up more regularly in Reydon Pit 1 with some approaching the 3lb mark. This has created much excitement for both specialist anglers and those encountering them during a pleasure session.

Over the last 9 months or so, the Society has been in close contact with the Environment Agency Fisheries Team to seek advice about various elements of our 50th Anniversary Project.

During one of the recent discussions, Fisheries Officer Andy Ward asked if the Society would like to receive some Crucian Carp that had been bred at its Calverton Fish Farm. Obviously having been bred by the EA these were true Crucians, indeed, the stocking in 1989 came from the same place.

The timing was perfect as the Committee had previously looked to stock some Crucians this year, so they were welcomed with open arms.

Consequently, the stock was introduced in early March with 500 fish going into Reydon Pit 1 and 250 into Kessingland.

Certainly a welcome addition to both waters so heres hoping they do well and, as with the original stocking, give anglers some additional interest for many years to come.

Our thanks go to the Environment Agency for this unexpected boost to our stocks.



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