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Fishery Rules

All anglers on society waters must read and observe the rules below which are taken from the Society's Constitution & Rules, please see the section therein on Match Rules for special match requirements. Anglers must also read and consider the Society's Health & Safety Recommendations.

  • Fishing is permitted on the Society’s waters between one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset as follows.

  • Night fishing is forbidden. (Times displayed on gates are the earliest and latest times you can be on the site).

  • Before beginning to fish on any of the Society’s waters all anglers must have in their possession and carry a current EA licence and, either a valid day/guest ticket or current membership book and identity card. Failure to produce any of these documents, if requested to do so by a bailiff, may result in anglers being asked to leave the water.

  • Non fishing guests are not permitted on Society river venues. On other Society venues their names and addresses must be recorded by the accompanying angler in the on-site Guest Book. Guest Membership rules,  other than rules A & B, apply to Non Fishing Guests.

  • No uncooked seed baits may be used on the Society’s waters.

  • Keepnets used on the Society’s waters must be of the soft, knotless pattern and conform to EA size requirements.

  • Fish over 3lb weight must not be retained in keepnets, but weighed and returned immediately to the water, unless in a match.

  • No carp (mirror/common) to be retained in any way on the Society’s waters, unless in a match.

  • No more than 50lb of fish to be retained in a single keepnet.

  • A maximum of two rods may be used on any Society water.

  • All fishing must be carried out so that the enjoyment of other anglers is not interfered with.

  • The use of any remote/radio-controlled craft is prohibited on all Society waters.

  • No litter of any kind may be left at the waters, nor must any damage be done or act
    committed prejudicial to the Society’s interests.

  • Anglers must not fish more than halfway between adjacent or opposite swims.

  • No fish may be removed from the Society’s waters other than with the express permission of the Committee.

  • Camping, dogs, firearms, transistor radios and the lighting of fires are prohibited on the Society’s waters.

  • Only barbless hooks, other than treble hooks, may be used on the Society’s waters.

  • Except when pike fishing, only one single hook rig to be used on the Society’s waters.

  • All anglers must have a padded unhooking mat with them when fishing Society waters. No fish to be laid directly on the ground or fishing platform, a padded unhooking mat must be used. 

  • Any angler failing to close any gate on a Society controlled water or found in a restricted area shown on fishery maps (except with authority from, and in the presence of, a committee member or bailiff) will be asked to leave the water immediately and may also be suspended or banned from obtaining further Day, Guest or Full Membership.

  • Juniors (under the age of 16 on the 16th June) are not permitted to fish Society river venues unless accompanied by a member who is an Intermediate, Senior or Senior Citizen and there is close supervision.

  • Juniors under the age of 10 must fish the same swim as a supervising member who is an Intermediate, Senior or Senior Citizen. Those aged 10 and 11 may fish an adjacent swim as long as there is close supervision.

  • Junior members must be accompanied by a senior at all times when fishing Kingfisher Lake (Reydon No.2 Pit) or when fishing the River Waveney.

(a) Kessingland:         All year-round

(b) Reydon complex:  Start 1 June – finish 1 March.

(c) River Waveney:      Start 16 June – finish 14 March.

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