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Society Waters


Sherwood Water Pit 1

With 29 pegs, Sherwood Water (Reydon Pit 1) is the Societies largest pit lending itself to the full range of types of fishing, both methods and species. A fantastic mixed fishery, the lake is mainly reed fringed with deep margins plus a shallower bay with areas of lily pads. Depths range from two to three feet to 14 plus feet. Pegs 1 and 2 are reserved for disabled anglers with dedicated disabled parking bays and a good asphalt approach to the pegs. A unisex toilet facility is available. The whole perimeter of the lake can be accessed. Anglers must always take care to ensure the gate is kept closed to maintain the integrity of the otter fencing.  


Common / Mirror Carp to 24lb, Bream to 15lb, Tench to 7lb, Crucian to 2.5lb, Chub to 3lb, Roach, Rudd, Perch, Gudgeon.


Kingfisher Lake Pit 2

Members only Kingfisher Lake (Reydon Pit 2) is a deep water with average depths of over 10 feet dropping to 20 feet at its deepest. A long rectangular lake, its 13 pegs are arranged along one short & one long side. Access to the other banks are strictly prohibited due to the high and unstable bank dropping straight into deep water. It holds a good mix of species and, although considered hard, is where the Societies largest carp live. A unisex toilet is located near the entrance. Anglers must ensure the gate is kept closed & locked to maintain the integrity of the otter fence and prevent unauthorised access. Juniors must be accompanied on this lake. 


Mirror / Common Carp to 30lb plus, Tench to 9lb, Bream to 7lb, Perch to 3lb, Roach, Rudd,  Gudgeon, possibility of an Eel or an Ide.  


Paisley's Pond Pit 3

Paisley's Pond (Reydon Pit 3) is a small, members only, mostly reed fringed water with 12 pegs. Access involves a walk of about 230m from the Reydon Site car park. Average depths are 2 to 3 feet with a bar running its length. It can suffer from low water levels and weed growth so the use of a weed rake can be useful (usually one available on the bank). Developed as an easy water suitable for pleasure & juniors. A light approach can bring a good mixed net of fish but be prepared for the possibility of some better fish turning up. A peaceful days fishing can be had but remember to keep the gate closed and locked to prevent otter and unauthorised access. 


Tench to 3lb, Crucian Carp to 2lb, Perch, Roach, Rudd, Ide, odd Common / Mirror Carp to 14lb. 


Denny Lake Pit 4

Denny Lake (Reydon Pit 4) contains a variety of species but has been developed as a mainly carp water. This pretty, members only lake, is accessed by walking 160m from the Reydon  Complex car park. Averaging about 4 feet deep, the lake benefits from an island and a bed of lilies with 13 pegs being available. A very peaceful reed and bush fringed lake. Restocking took place in 2011 after the installation of otter proof fencing. No access is allowed on the surrounding bund or within the restricted area, the latter due to power cables (see membership book). Anglers are reminded to keep the gate closed and locked to prevent otter and unauthorised access. 


Common and Mirror Carp to 24lb plus, Tench to 4lb plus, Bream to 6lb, Roach & Rudd up to 2lb.


Buss Creek

Buss Creek is a long narrow reed fringed water, over 0.5 miles in length, with depths to 4 feet. Access is from Mights Bridge, 50m off the main road into Southwold, park facing out of Southwold no closer to the bridge than the green telecoms box. Fishing is on the North bank only. The first 2 pegs adjacent Mights Bridge are for disabled anglers accessed via a purpose built ramp. Recent years have seen maintenance decline as efforts have been concentrated on the lakes. Attempts are being made to maintain a limited number of pegs near Mights Bridge but a weed rake may be helpful. Once holding specimen fish, stock levels are currently an unknown quantity. 


Tench, quality Rudd & Roach, Perch and potential for Bream and Carp.


Kessingland Lake

Available for fishing 12 months of the year, the members only Kessingland Lake is a picturesque and peaceful water. With 24 pegs, regular stockings, several islands, areas of lilies, shallow bays and deeper areas to 5 feet it provides an amazing variety of options for the angler. The whole of the perimeter can be accessed by car with pegs accessed down a few wooden steps. A unisex toilet is available on site. Access is along the unmade Marsh Lane with an advisory speed limit of 5mph. Care is needed when passing dog walkers, stop your car until they are ready for you to pass. Ensure the access gate remains closed and locked to prevent unauthorised access. 


Bream to 9lb, Tench to 6lb, Hybrids to 3lb plus, Roach, Rudd, Perch, Ide, Gudgeon, odd Carp / Koi 

River Waveney Ellingham Jan 17 2of6.jpg

River Waveney - Ellingham

This Members only, usually slow-moving stretch, of the non-tidal River Waveney runs through open marshland with fishing on the Suffolk bank. Levels are controlled by weirs below and above the section. There are 2 access points (see map), do not obstruct gates or the road. For access nearest Ellingham Mill, park on the verge alongside the road. Walk the 220m diagonally across the marsh. At the Bungay end of the ¾ mile stretch, use the small area adjacent the gate for parking. Go straight across the marsh to a gate giving access over a bridge (about half of the 300m walk) then to the river. Leave gates as you find them as cattle may be on the marshes.  No unaccompanied juniors.


Pike to upper doubles, Bream to 5lb, Chub 4lb plus, Roach, Perch potential for Carp 

River Waveney Shipmeadow May 9 of 18.jpg

River Waveney - Shipmeadow

Accessed from the road via an unmade farm track, turn left after 200m and park on the left hand side of the track. Go through the first  gate opposite, heading towards a further gate to cross a bridge, a total walk of 560m brings you to the Suffolk bank of the Shipmeadow stretch of the river. This ¾ mile tidal stretch includes  Quantrills Island with its overhanging trees as well as a lovely meandering stretch of river with areas of cabbage, deep glides reed fringed stretches and open marsh. Access should not be gained from the upstream BCT Ellingham stretch as there is no public footpath. Leave gates as you find them as cattle may be on the marshes.  No unaccompanied juniors


Pike to high doubles, a twenty is a possibility, 

Bream to 5lb, Chub, Roach, Perch, Gudgeon,  chance of a Tench. 

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