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A Tale Of Two Halves

Well what a fantastic start to the season but sadly tainted due to numerous breaches of rules, more on that later.

First Half

Reydon pits 1,2 and 4 have been, and continue to be, incredible and have delivered better early season catches than they have done for several years.

Good mixed bags of Roach, Bream and Tench have been coming from Pit 1. Carp fishing has been superb with more and more twenties and high double showing. Those targeting Tench have had good results on both evening and daytime sessions with reports of up to 8 fish to 4lb along with Bream to 5lb plus. Some good Crucians have also been making an appearance.

Pit 2 has produced not only the quality carp it has become known for, with several mid to high twenties and at least four thirties, but also Tench in both quantity and quality. A 9lb 2oz fish reported on the first day of the season and reports of bags of up to 20 fish to just over 5lb in a session. The elusive Bream also showed on at least one occasion with fish in the 5 to 6lb range.

Pit 4 has produced numerous stunning looking Carp in pristine condition including some to just under 26lb. However, the weed is starting to increase so best have a go soon if you want to make the most of the current good form.

And its not just been the Senior members who have done well, see the posts on our Facebook page to see young Lewis with his 16lb 2oz Pit 1 Mirror and Kodie Youngs with 3 great Pit 4 Carp up to 20lb 8oz.

In addition, don't forget Kessingland where we continue to get reports of some good Bream of between 5 and 8lb and Tench between 3 and 4lb. The small Crucians stocked earlier this year have also started to show.

Second Half

Despite the really positive start on the fishing front, the Committee have become increasingly concerned over the sheer number of rules being broken. Particularly worrying has been the fact that most of these have been in the first two weeks of the season when only members have been permitted to fish!

Recorded problems have included

  • People entering or leaving the Reydon site outside the permitted and displayed times.

  • People leaving gates open.

  • People queuing to get on site before opening time but leaving engines running disturbing residents.

  • Barbed hooks being used.

  • Fishing the far bank from peg 5 on Pit 2 despite warning in newsletter.

  • Fishing on designated disabled swims when not registered disabled.

  • Parking in peg specific allocated disabled parking area but fishing different pegs.

  • Using foul language whilst fishing / on phones.

  • Photographing fish without them being put on an unhooking mat

  • Using social media in a way likely to bring the Society into disrepute

Our Society has less rules than on most other waters and they are clear and simple. Members who have been observed breaching them have been spoken to and warned. In addition, an informal written warning has now been issued to one Member regarding accessing the Reydon site too early. The Committee feel that the point has now come that a harder line needs to be taken and formal disciplinary action, in accordance with Society rules, will be followed. This may result in suspension or expulsion from the Society.

All Members sign their application form to confirm they will read and follow the Society rules. Any updates are displayed on the Membership Book cover as well as in the Newsletters where rules are also reinforced. Updates and reminders also regularly appear on the Society Website and Facebook page. There can be no excuses so please ensure you remind yourself of the rules by reading all documentation you have been sent. If anything needs clarification or you observe anything that gives you concern then please contact a committee member.

Be warned that spot checks will be arranged regarding the use of barbless hooks so you may be required to reel in your line for these to be looked at. Checks will also be carried out around arrival and departure times.

Once again, read your Membership Book, book Cover and Newsletters, don't put yourself in the position of being the next person to go through the disciplinary process.



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