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Access to Shipmeadow stretch of River Waveney

We are hearing reports that some anglers are accessing this stretch of River from the Bungay Cherry Tree stretches both upstream and downstream of our stretch. Damage has also been caused to fences. Even if such people are members of both clubs, and there is no evidence of this either way, such access is not permitted. If the owner of the Southwold stretch observes people fishing, or even bailiffing, who have not parked in our parking area, he needs to make the effort to cross the marsh to check who is there. There is NO public access or footpath along this stretch of the river. Please only use the official access shown in your membership book and on the website. You can also help your Society by challenging any other person you see on the stretch and reporting any concerns, preferably straight away, to the Head Water Bailiff, Secretary or Chairman.



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