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Advance Warning

If you contemplating fishing on any of our waters at the moment please be aware that, as well as Covid legislation limiting you to fishing local waters, you may need to change your plans due to the current conditions. I am advised that both our stretches of river and associated marshes are flooded and currently unsafe to fish. Kessingland lake has several pegs under water and serious damage to the tree on the island. The water levels at Reydon are also incredibly high with water over some of the pegs, even to the extent on pit 1 that part of the disabled ramp is actually flooded. If anybody does try to fish any of the Stillwater's please consider your safety and risk assess before accessing and fishing from a peg. If anybody can provide further updates we will be pleased to hear them.

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1 Comment

I presume we are not allowed to travel to Rayden from Lowestoft due to restrictions

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