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The 49th Annual General Meeting of the Society was held on the 8th April. Due to the pandemic, the meeting was held virtually for the committee and officers with the membership being asked to ask the Chairman to vote on their behalf via a proxy voting system. The Committee were delighted at the support shown by the members with 107 proxy votes submitted representing some 27% of the membership.

The proceedings commenced with a minutes silence being observed in memory of member, and former Committee Member, Lloyd Mitchell who had sadly passed away in December.

The previously circulated Chairmans and Treasurers reports were accepted unanimously.

The proposed increases of £2 to senior, intermediate, senior citizen and disabled subscription levels were agreed by 102 vote to 10 (102 to 9 for seniors).

The proposal for Junior subscriptions to remain at zero (but with a donation being encouraged) was agreed with 106 votes in favour and 6 against.

Joining fees, day memberships and guest memberships were agreed to remain at last years rates by similar margins as was the proposed change for the Society financial year be changed so as to start on the 1st March.

The river risk assessment was accepted and the Fishing the River Waveney - Reducing the Hazards document previously circulated to all members in 2020 was formally adopted.

New rules relating to Junior anglers were also adopted, namely that on rivers, juniors are not permitted to fish Society river venues unless accompanied by a Member who is an Intermediate, Senior or Senior Citizen and there is close supervision. On lakes, Juniors under the age of 10 must fish the same swim as a supervising Intermediate, Senior or Senior Citizen. Those aged 10 or 11 may fish in an adjacent swim as long as there is close supervision.

President Graham Denny was re-elected as were Chairman & Membership Secretary Barry Reid, Treasurer Paul Moss and Vice Chairman & Head Water Bailiff Ged Gerrell. Assistant Membership Secretary Beverly Reid was also returned to post for another year. Pete Turrell and Peter Jolly were re-elected to serve a further 3'years as Committee Members with Toby Samkin being newly elected.

The only blot on the meeting was the failure for anybody to come forward for the vacant positions of Secretary, Junior Committee Member or Match Secretary. But see below for futher information on the latter.

Beverly Reid kindly drew out one of the returned proxy voting slips for the free raffle prize of a years free subscription. The lucky winner was Mr Alan Smith from Lowestoft.

With that the Chairman thanked everybody for attending and closed the meeting.

ADDENDUM - an interim Committee Meeting was held immediately after the AGM. Newly elected Committee Member Toby Samkin put himself forward as Match Secretary and was co-opted into the position by the Committee. Member Ivan Julings was then proposed as a replacement Committee Member and was also co-opted by the Committee.

Unfortunately we are still in urgent need of a Secretary, if anybody is interested then please contact the Chairman as soon as possible.

Barry Reid




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