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Chairman Barry Reid welcomed around 40 members to the Societies 52nd Annual General Meeting held in the Reydon Sports & Community Centre.

He went on to report on what had been an incredibly busy year with the committee undertaking a vast array of tasks. These included work on Reydon Pit 4 to identify the depth of water and silt, carrying out an aquatic life survey, working with the Environment Agency to check fish growth rates and installing depth gauges. The conclusion was that rather than expensive dredging, a program of Siltex treatment combined with increasing stock was the sensible way forward.

The integrity of the bank on Pit 2, adjacent the public footpath, had caused concern resulting in a huge effort to pollard gorse that was causing it to deteriorate. This in turn has meant more work is now necessary to reduce the effect of wave action on the bank with expenditure of around £5,000 per 100m likely. Extensive work is also underway to install a level foot way along the section of bank below the bungalows on Pit 1.

Fishing on Society waters had generally been reported as being the best for several years. Despite this, and to continue to provide as wide a range of angling opportunities as possible, additional stocks of Bream, Carp, Crucian Carp (400 into Pit 2) and, a first for Pit 1, Ide had been introduced.

Permission to introduce Ide into Kessingland Lake was not forthcoming but the work carried out by the Environment Agency had shown existing stocks were healthy and there had been at least 2 successful years of Bream spawning with a surprising number of Skimmers showing in the netting and electro fishing. A promise of some Tench being donated to boost those already planned to be stocked was great news.

Committee attention was now turning to the redevelopment of Pit 3 as an exclusive Tench and Crucian Water although the levels of unexpected expenditure might slow delivery.

The only low point of the season was the need to install cctv to monitor those breaching the already generous opening and closing times at Reydon, a sad day for the Society. Firm action would be taken against anybody breaching the well publicised opening times.

Treasurer Paul Moss reported a good financial position with the end of year position only around £4,000 down on last years despite the considerable work that had been undertaken. Looking forward to planned projects and the wide range of general expenditure it was sensible to continue to increase subscriptions by small amounts each year and to keep a lump sum for unexpected items.

President Graham Denny thanked the Committee for their efforts noting that they led by example to provide quality fishing in a quality environment. He also confirmed that the landowners were considering what support they could provide to help with the bank stabilisation on Pit 2.

Those present agreed the small increases proposed in subscription levels with junior subscriptions and their joining fees remaining free if charge. Other joining fees, day and guest memberships remain as last year.

It was also agreed that fixed leads, feeders and the use of the "Magic Twig" or similar would be banned on Society waters. Also that no non fishing guests would be permitted on Society stretches of river and, for insurance purposes, on other waters their names and addresses must be recorded in visitors books.

All Officers and retiring Committee Members were re-elected with Beverly Reid now becoming Membership Secretary and Barry Reid assisting.

Thanks to the generous support of both Members and Avenue Angling, the raffle drawn by Mrs Bridget Denny raised £255.

Subscription renewals are now due and must be received by midnight on the 15th May. Places not taken up by that time will immediately be offered to those on the waiting list.

Anybody interested in joining the Society should download an application form from the Membership page on the Society website at



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