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CCTV goes live at Reydon Complex

As of Friday 1st December, anglers observance of the opening and closing times of the Reydon complex are being monitored by an automated CCTV system.

Opening times are clearly displayed on both the main entrance gate and those giving access to each individual lake. These times are the earliest times you can enter the site and the latest you can leave it. They are not set up or pack up times.

The Committee are extremely disappointed that it has been found necessary to introduce this monitoring but are not prepared to put up with the few people who put the use of Society waters at risk by failing to observe straightforward access rules. All work necessary to meet data protection legislation has been undertaken, recorded and made available on the Society website.

Access and egress times for December are 7.40am and 4.45pm respectively.

Action will be taken against anybody observed to have been breaching access/egress rules.



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