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Anglers are reminded that there is a fishing match booked on pit 1 this sunday (11th September). The match is to be held on pegs 14 to 27 inclusive and is booked for the entire day. However, the visiting club has agreed that the remaining pegs may be used by other anglers.

Please respect their booking and do not use the booked pegs. On a previous occasion somebody ignored the information in the year book, facebook, website and site notices. Should this happen again the committee will consider closing the whole water for future bookings.


The committee have been made aware of a local water having to be closed due to a carp disease.

Consideration has previously been given regarding the introduction of dip tanks but it was concluded we could not do this on our waters.

However, anglers are advised to take their own precautions by washing all landing / keepnets, unhooking mats, weigh slings and stink / net bags after visiting any water. Also, let them dry outdoors, in direct sunlight if possible. In addition, consider washing or replacing any cloths or rags you use after each visit.


The committee were concerned to hear reports of bad language being used around pit 1. Those involved were spoken to by a committee member.

Please remember that the geography of the land around the pit creates a natural amphitheatre resulting in every word being spoken being clearly audible in the gardens of the adjacent residents.

The committee agreed that should future incidents occur it would be appropriate for those involved to be asked to leave the water.


Despite low water levels, the committee continue to receive good reports from most of our stillwaters.

Good quality carp continue to show on Reydon pits 1, 2 and 4 and good crucians (to 3lb) bream and tench from pit 1. Kessingland is producing bags of bream with a few small tench showing.

No reports from our river sections but we look forward to some good chub and pike fishing over the coming months.


For the first time in at least six years our weekly maintenance at our Reydon site has been carried out by a contractor. Whilst the contract runs for another couple of weeks, the committee would like to thank Adam Crossman and his team for the work carried out.

The committee also wish to thank Les Ellis and his team of members for the work they have carried out on Monday evenings at Kessingland. The work includes the addition of a step at the gate for anglers to stand on to make it easier to undo the lock when exiting the site.

Members are advised that there will be some disruption on Reydon Pit 4 to remove some obstructions and weed from the water on Sunday afternoon.


Interest in the Society remains strong with the number of applications being received accelerating. We received 6 in one day last week (2 on another). If you are aware of anybody wanting to join the Society next year then please encourage them to download an application form from the Society website as soon as possible. Completed forms need to be posted or hand delivered to the Membership Secretary, all details are on the form / website.



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