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Covid 19 Update

Following officer agreement to increase the level of toilet servicing from monthly to fortnightly for Reydon pit 2 and Kessingland, and weekly for Reydon pit 1, the toilets have been made available on the Reydon site. As when using other regular touch points, please use your own wipes and sanitising gels both inside and outside the toilet and, to help keep the facilities as clean as possible, please sit down when using the toilets. There will be a delay of about a week before the Kessingland toilet is opened as we are waiting for a soap dispenser to be installed.

In addition, a further assessment of the distances between swims at Kessingland, and any separation by trees, reed etc has resulted in several more swims being opened up for use. Only pegs 6, 8, 10, 16 and 17 remain closed. Please remember to maintain 2m social distancing between those using the paths and those fishing.



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