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Early Season Update

Some terrific catch reports coming from the Reydon complex. One member had a personal best carp of 27lb from pit 2 only to get another fish of 31lb about half an hour later. Several reports of other quality carp coming out prior to spawning starting as well as good bags of tench to 6lb.

Pit 4 has produced fish to 20lb but get in soon before the weed starts to cause problems. As per our previous warning in the newsletter, the water level thankfully remains high but that does result in some waterlogging of the path in places.

Pit 3 is very weedy so be prepared to rake a swim. Despite this some nice mixed bags of tench and roach showing.

Pit 1 had been producing the usual run of double figure fish with up to 5 being reported in a session.

All lakes have seen fish spawning, and all on different days. If when you arrive at a lake and they are spawning then please do the responsible thing. Either fish for a different species, try a different lake or leave it and come back another day. Remember also that fish can, and often do, spawn more.than once.

Talking about doing the responsible thing, we have received reports that some anglers are entering our waters before the published times. Do not put our access to waters at risk by doing this. Remember the times published are when you can enter the site in the morning and leave it at night, not when you can start and stop fishing. The Committee have requested that members should take details of vehicle make and registration numbers when they have obviously been on site outside of the published times so that appropriate action can be taken.

Apologies to anybody affected by the slow change over of padlock combination number at Kessingland on the 1st June. Arrangements had been made for this to be done but unfortunately things went wrong. Since that time the water has continued to fish well with some nice tench showing as well as large bags of rudd. Our first 2 matches were held on the water with double figure weights needed for a top 3 place. Well done to Mark Haynes in putting together a bag of 28lb of rudd to win the last match.



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