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End of season update

As we approach the end of the Society season for our Reydon complex, this Thursday 29th being the last day, the Committee have been concentrating on preparations for next season and beyond.

Work Parties

The Saturday work parties will commence immediately and continue throughout the closed season. We need to do what we can to cut back the gorse on the far bank of Pit 2 whilst being mindful of the bird nesting season. This will need allot of manpower as all cut material will need transporting across the lake so that it can be burnt in a safe area.

The Committee have been investing in equipment specifically for this job, and it may well take several years to complete, but it is essential in order to maintain the stability of the bank and the integrity of the Otter fence. In addition, in order to complete the pollarding it will be necessary to identify some days in the Autumn to do the more substantial work, effectively closing the lake for a few Saturdays, possibly in October but this is yet to be confirmed.

If you are able to assist then please contact our Head Water Bailiff Ged Gerrell, work usually starts at 8am each Saturday.

In addition, the Thursday work parties will continue on the second and fourth Thursday of each month, 10am start. Contact Barry Reid for attendance at these.


The Committee have been busy adding to Society stocks for the coming season.

Pit 1 - in order to appeal to the widest range of anglers we can, and hopefully extend the "silver fish season," around 730 Ide were recently introduced. Average size 8 inches.

Pit 2 - spawning time is always a worry and we do loose the odd fish from time to time. Consequently three new quality VS Fisheries Carp have been stocked, three C5 fish at a little over 15lb each and a C6 at 22lb 4oz.

Pit 4 - work to increase the level of carp stock has started with the addition of eleven C4 fish averaging 10.5lb each, as shown in the selection below, again from VS Fisheries.


Unfortunately, due to Environment Agency rules, we were unable to carry out our planned stocking of Ide. However, the EA listened to the concerns raised that the volume of rudd in the water means that they dominate anglers catches to the point of making it a less attractive fishery for some. Consequently they have offered to help reduce the numbers of rudd and have carried out a health check in order that they can be moved to another yet to be agreed water. The work to obtain samples for the check showed that despite the predation, the bream had successfully bred which is very positive news.

The next stage will be a netting exercise to take some rudd out. The EA have also suggested that they may be able to donate some tench for the water so positive news all round.



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