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Important Membership and Covid Update

Membership - Are you one of the 160 members who have not yet paid your subscription renewal for next season or have not returned the renewal slip for Junior Membership (even though juniors are free this is still required to retain their place). If so, you only have until midnight on the 15th May to make your payment. This time is strictly observed and no exceptions are made, even if received the next morning. With over 80 people on the waiting list, membership offers will be sent out as soon as the deadline for payment passes. Anybody missing the payment deadline will need to reapply and will be added to the waiting list, probably for at least the following year.

Covid - with the long overdue improvement in the Covid situation and the rapidly increasing number of people receiving the vaccination, the Committee have agreed that all restrictions on our waters will be lifted with immediate effect. Visitors will now be permitted and all swims will be open. Currently we only have Kessingland open but the same situation will be rolled out at Reydon when it opens on June 1st. Please remember that there is no access other than for work parties to the Reydon site until the opening day.

It shouldn't need to be said but we will still expect anglers to follow whatever Government advice is in place at the time of your visits. Also, the change in Society policy is reliant on the improved situation continuing. Restrictions will be reintroduced if considered necessary. Please continue to keep your distance from others, consider wearing a mask if needing to pass close to others and use your own antibacterial products when using common touch points and our toilets.



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