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Existing Members

New membership books are being posted out on Tuesday 24th May. Please remember that if you have moved house then your I.D. Card should be returned to the Membership Secretary so that a new one can be issued.

You will not be able to access the Reydon complex until 3.30am on the 1st June when the main gate will be unlocked and the access number for other gates will be changed to this years number.

The combination lock at Kessingland will be changed to the new number for the 1st June, however, if the new number doesn't work then please try the old one.

New Members

For those who have paid their subscriptions by the 26th May, your Membership and rule books will be posted out on the 27th May. No further books will be posted out untill the 6th June.

New memberships do not become valid until 3.30am on the 1st June and there is no access to any of our waters for any reason before then.

Waiting List

Successful applicants have all had offers of membership emailed to them (or written too if no email address). The last successful applicant submitted their application on the 18th March 2022 so if you think you submitted your form before that, but haven't received an email then please check your spam folder. If not there, then contact the Membership Secretary. Offers not taken up by 7th June will be offered to those still on the waiting list.

Heres looking forward of a successfull year befitting of the Societies 50th Anniversary.

Barry Reid

Chairman & Membership Secretary



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