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The Committee have been concerned about several reports of anti-social behaviour by some "anglers" when fishing Reydon Pit 1. Firstly, it has been reported that whilst most anglers use the toilet facility or have a pee discreetly behind various bushes etc out of the view of other anglers and the residents of the adjacent houses, this is not always the case, even to the point of not even leaving the fishing platform. This is totally unacceptable and strong action will be taken against anybody identified as doing this. Secondly, this is not the first time that the Committee have pointed out that the natural shape of Pit 1 and its surroundings makes it act like an ampitheartre with sound being clearly audible right around the lake and in all of the surrounding gardens. Despite this advice, the Committee have received several complaints about the level of bad language being used around the lake. Another complaint was received this week. We are lucky to have bailiffs who are able to respond reasonably quickly but on this occasion the Committee, and local residents, were extremely pleased to hear that two other anglers had taken the initiative to tackle the culprit about his language. We understand he was a day membership angler. However, as a consequence of being challenged by the two anglers he packed up and left the site. The Committee wish to thank those anglers for their actions in dealing with the incident. The Committee also want to reiterate that both of the types of behaviour spoken about above will not be tolerated and wish to encourage all proper anglers to help look after their Society by challenging any inappropriate behaviour or breach of rules, as long as it is considered safe to do so. Any incidence should also be reported to a member of the committee immediately so that we can try and take appropriate action. Barry Reid - Chairman



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