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Message from the Chairman

This was planned to be a New Year message to thank all of our members and committee for their continued support throughout the challenges of 2020 but has been rather hijacked by last night's Government announcement.

The Society has continued to take a tough line with it's Covid precautions and I make no apology for this. I would ask anybody who doubted the need for this to look at the the number of Covid related deaths there have been, the level of infections and the pressure the NHS is under.

That brings me to the situation we now find ourselves in. Looking at the Government guidance document issued yesterday, the opportunity to continue fishing looks positive. HOWEVER we will await the legal interpretation from the Angling Trust to confirm things either way. Quite rightly, they are waiting for the actual legislation (rather than just the guidance) to be published, and for parliament to vote on it over the next day or so, before they come to a view. We will continue to monitor this and update members more as soon as there is any further information.

All we can ask is that members continue to support us by following whatever rules both the Government and Society put in place as working together is the only way we can get through this.

Let's look forward to a good and safe year both on the banks and beyond.

Barry Reid - Chairman



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