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There's nothing better than a few days of warm settled weather to make people look forward to the new fishing season.

Work continues to get everything ready on the Reydon complex. As well as the regularly publicised work to the far bank of pit 2 (more on that next week) and improvements to the path on pit 1, our volunteers continue to trim bushes and trees and keep the otter fences clear, thanks to all involved in this.

Stirling work has also been carried out by our Treasurer Paul Moss. Swim 6 on pit 4 and swim 7 on pit 2 have been totally rebuilt to offer comfortable and safe fishing platforms.

If you are one of those looking forward to the new season then don't get caught out. This is the LAST WEEKEND YOU CAN RENEW YOUR SUBSCRIPTION with midnight on Wednesday being the latest you can renew.

For those on the waiting list, successful applicants will be contacted by email or letter on 16th May.



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