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Pit 4 - Wednesday 7th February

Whilst the Society does not normally make major improvements to pegs until the closed season, there is a need to carry out some work before that.

There is a significant amount of work to do to the gorse on the far bank of pit 2, this will take up most of the time and resource we will have available through the closed season work parties but is essential to reduce the likelihood of damage being caused to the bank, the otter fence and potentially the public footpath.

Consequently, work to peg 6 on Pit 4 will be carried out this Wednesday. The water will not be closed but there is likely to be significant disturbance, including driving in posts and the use of the punt on the water.

The Committee apologises for any inconvenience caused but hope that members will be pleased with the end result.

More information will be published asking for volunteers to help with the Pit 2 work parties nearer the time, there is no easy way to do the work other than by using manpower.


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