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Security Measures at Reydon Site

Members will be aware that the Committee have become increasingly concerned about the time that anglers have been accessing and leaving Society waters, and unauthorised entry to them during our closed season, particularly those at our Reydon complex.

Anybody visiting our Reydon complex since August may have noticed that the committee have been undertaking work to install a closed circuit television system to monitor access and egress from the site.

Since that time, and to meet the obligations placed on organisations wishing to use such equipment, work has continued to develop a CCTV Policy and to test the installation. The policy includes the ability to monitor access to individual lakes as well as the main site access points.

Thanks must be given to Brer Cornish, our newest Committee Member, for taking this forward and spending a considerable amount of time and effort sorting things out.

The Society is now in a position to launch the system and the Committee have agreed to go live as of the 1st December 2023. The CCTV policy will also be available to view on our website from that date. A hard copy will be made available following a written request from anybody wishing to have one.

If any member wishes to discuss this or any other matters then why not come along to the Society Open Meeing being held at the Southwold Sailors Reading Room, adjacent the Lord Nelson, 42 East Street, Southwold, IP18 6EJ this Thursday, 7.30pm for 8pm start. There is no fixed agenda and matters for discussion will be collated at the start of the meeting.



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