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Society Update

The Committee continue to try to maintain the standards of the Society by investing in its future. This has taken the form of completing the restocking that was cut short last winter, due to flooding of stock ponds at our suppliers, whilst also starting this winters stocking. The Bream for Kessingland and shortfall of Carp for Pit 2 were delivered in mid October. A thousand pounds worth of bream in the 2.5lb to 3.5lb bracket were stocked and seem to have settled in well. We are aware of reports of otters on the water but this is something we have known about for many years which is why we negotiated with the land owners that we pay a percentage of the rent in fish, hence the annual stocking. We never like to see fish being taken but with no otter fencing in is inevitable that, over time, we will loose fish. We are not aware of any of the latest stocking being taken as yet but have been advised that some are being caught by anglers. Three more carp were introduced into Pit 2, these came in at 10lb, 14lb and 15lb. All were known to be 3 year old fish so with such an impressive growth rate thing look good for the future. These fish basically complete the Committees plan to replace those that had unfortunately died over the last few years, usually just after spawning. Finally, the continuous bird predation of silver fish on Pit 1 has been raised by Committee and Members alike so the opportunity to source some quality roach was grabbed with both hands. Two significant stocking, totalling just over 450lb, took place during the last two weeks of October. These were all quality roach being fish equating to 2 or 3 to the pound, with some touching the 1lb mark. There is always a risk when moving such large numbers of fish, however, our supplier included an additional 75lb (as part of the 450lb) to allow for any potential losses. In the event we lost around 50 fish, significantly under the extra supplied. Once these settle in they should hopefully give great sport.



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