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Thanks to the incredible amount of hard work by those who volunteered to help install the first 64m of planted coir rolls along the far bank of Pit 2, we can now confirm that the planned closure of the water on the next two Saturdays (8th and 15th June) will not now be necessary.

As can be seen from the photos, a big thank you is due to all of those involved in completing this complex and significant piece of work.

We can also confirm that the Kingfishers were not disturbed and continued to feed their young.

As mentioned in the pre-season news letter, we will still need to close the water to complete the remaining 66m of phase 1 once we are sure the birds have ended nesting, probably in September. Watch for more updates over the next few months.

Final preparations for the season also included a small team filling the potholes along the Reydon access track and again we thank them for their efforts.

Initial reports are that the Ide in Pit 1 are already showing in mixed bags along with Roach, Rudd and Skimmers. Also Tench to 4lb 8oz with carp a bit slow, probably due to the drop in temperature although a 21lb plus reported.

The Carp in Pit 2 spawned during the week (some using the new coir rolls) and in conjunction with the colder weather didn't produce on the early morning of the opening day.

Pit 4 on the other hand is flying with several individual anglers banking up to 6 fish by lunchtime, mostly between 15 and 23lb each.

With a good start to the season we look forward to some great fishing.



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