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Temporary Rule Update

All, I’m sure many of you are aware of the new product ‘the magic twig’ which OMC are launching, there has been a lot of discussions about this wether it be the ethics of the component or the fish safety side of it.

As per the recent committee meeting we have decided to prohibit the use of the product on the society waters. This will then be reviewed again once the angling community and the committee has obtained more information/carried out further tests on it.

The decision on this prohibition was soley based on fish safety due to the arms trailing behind the fish not to stop innovation.

We will keep you informed in due course.

1 comment

1 Comment

Looking at the promotional material - does appear to be a fixed rig that in the event of line failure the fish will be dragging the "twig" behind it, AND THE LEGS will be open to snag on anything. E.G. roots, reeds, ropes etc. You used the three letters of the firm merchandising it. On their site is a U Tube presentation during which I thought I heard about a Dacron link as well as some form of heavy elastic between the two swivels. The elastic is stretched before legs are locked in (tied with dissolvable tape). The hook length is either tied or looped to the G.F. (Quick Fit). In principle when a fish pulls with adequate force agains…

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