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A belated happy new year to all of our members and followers.

Just to advise that the Reydon Pits Thursday work parties will be starting up next Thursday 9th February, meet in the car park at 10am. These will now continue to be held on the second and fourth Thursday of each month.

Please try to attend at least one of them, even if only for a couple of hours as it makes a huge difference to what we can achieve.

Any queries then please contact our Chairman Barry Reid, contact details on your Membership Book cover.


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Barry Reid
Barry Reid
02 févr. 2023

In addition to the Thursday work parties we will be starting the usual Saturday ones at the end of the season so watch for further updates on our website and facebook.


With things as they are Barry most people can't afford to take a day of work during the week, as for myself its working 6 days a week. I lost my wife in October 22,I find it hard to get done what I should do but I could do 1 day a month but it would have to be a Saturday


I would love to help, but can only do Saturday and Sunday.

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