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Urgent Notice - Kessingland

One of our members has recently been approached with a complaint about an angler driving down the access track to Kessingland Lake too fast and not slowing down when passing pedestrians / dog walkers. The specific case mentioned involved a camper van with a bike rack on the back but no colour / registration information given. Could all members please ensure they drive along the track very slowly (signage suggests 5mph). If you come across pedestrians / dog walkers either stop untill they walk past you or untill they move to a safe place and make it obvious they feel you can drive past. Always be prepared for the eventuality that there may be dogs that are not on a lead. Please be courteous to others, a thank you wouldn,t go amiss. The last thing we want is for the situation to escalate and landowner / Parish / District Councils to be put in a position where they feel some sort of action may be appropriate



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