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Urgent Reminders

Members are reminded that now we are in May, there are not many days left in which to renew your membership as to reserve your place you must pay by midnight on 15th May. Subscription rates were agreed at the AGM as follows Seniors £58, Senior Citizens, Disabled and Intermediates £44, Juniors remain free of charge with donations encouraged.

Please note that even though juniors remain free, their paying in slip must still be returned for their place to be retained.

With over 90 people currently on the waiting list it looks unlikely that anybody not renewing in time will be able to rejoin for the forthcoming season.

In the meantime, our lake at Kessingland remains open and existing books remain valid untill 30th May. Please remember to observe the 5mp speed limit on the access lane and ideally stop to let pedestrians come passed you unless they beckon you through.



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