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Work Party and Membership Details

Work Parties - The first of the closed season Saturday work parties got off to a great start despite only 8 people attending.

The additional boat and equipment purchased specifically to help our work on the Gorse on Pit 2 helped considerably resulting in good progress being made. Thank you to all who turned up to help. A few more people would be great so please attend if you can.

Membership Details - All members will be posted an invitation to the Annual General Meeting which is to be held on April 11th.

Note the new venue which is at the Reydon Sports & Community Centre (on the old Reydon School site).

If you have moved house since you received last years membership book then please notify the Membership Secretary as a matter of urgency as the address labels will be printed in the next 48 hours. If you have moved, remember to return your ID Card (or send a new photograph) with your payment so that an updated one can be issued.

Subscriptions are not due until after the AGM as they have to be agreed on the night.

Please remember to retain your existing rule book as existing members only receive a new book cover.

If you are interested in becoming a member then please go to the Membership page on the Society website and print out an application form. We will not know how many places will be available until after the 15th May but there is already a considerable waiting list so it is recommended that you submit a form as soon as possible to stand a chance of getting in.

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1 Comment

When is the last day for renewing membership ? Will I be contacted ?

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