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Work Update

Notice Board

A big thank you to Peter jolly for the revamp of our notice board. Please take your time to take a look as you enter the main gate at Reydon as it shows this seasons times

Pit 1

To improve access and safety around the lake several areas of pathway have been levelled and three lengths of the bank along the waters edge have been dug out, strengthened and backfilled to path level. Most of the platforms which were not improved last year and four of the natural bank/gravel platforms 5, 6, 26 and 27 have been strengthened, levelled and repaired as needed.

Not what you need 5 days before the new season, a large section of tree had fallen in to the water on pit 1 across peg 20. Tom Wilkinson and Paul Moss were part of a small team that removed it and an older section from last season. Thanks also go to Barry Reid and Dave Freeman.

Pit 2

Wooden sleeper swim backs have been installed on pegs 11,12 and 13 on pit two ahead of the lakes reopening next week. Their aim is to hold back the bank at the back of the swims as well as providing an area for anglers to set up brollies, etc without blocking off the main path.

Pit 3

Due to time constraints and a small number of workparty members work to pit 3 has been limited to grass/hedge cutting and placement of safety beams to the front of six swims.

Pit 4

A very significant amount of work has been undertaken to clear dead or overhanging trees causing damage to the bank, a potential danger to members, obstructions to fishing or a hazard to safe fish retrieval. It is also expected that the clearance will produce healty growth in the coming years.



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